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You will hear from Artists such as Joel Chernoff, Marty Goetz, Jonathan Settel, Carol Cantrell and many more. We believe that Messianic Jewish Music is vitally connected to the revival and coming restoration of Israel and is a result of the Jewish revival that is happening today by the work of the Ruach HaKodesh. May Adonai fill you with his Ruach HaKodesh and the love and brokenness of the heart of Messiah Yeshua as you listen.

Ancient Hebrew Research Center

“Our sacred literature does not use obscure language, but describes most things in words clearly indicating their meaning. Therefore it is necessary at all times to delve into the literal meaning of words to achieve complete understanding of what is actually meant.” –Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888)

“Reading the Bible in translation is like kissing your new bride through a veil.” –Haim Nachman Bialik (Jewish Poet, 1873-1934)

Torah Resource
Torah was created to provide Torah Communities with biblically based materials, leadership training, and mentoring.

Hebrew For Christians
This web site is intended to provide a resource to the Church regarding its rich Hebraic heritage by promoting Jewish literacy among all those who claim Jesus Christ as their Lord.  This organization unfortunately does not believe it is necessary for Believers to live a Torah observant lifestyle. This site is best used as an information buffet, take what you like and leave the rest.

Complete Jewish Bible Online
If you use Stern’s translation, the Complete Jewish Bible, now you can easily search it and read it online.

e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. There are volumes of books available as study tools, but there is not enough time, money, or shelf space to properly take advantage of these resources. Computer software has changed the way we can study the Word of GOD. With a simple search or click of the mouse button, we now have access to these same volumes of scholarship within seconds!

Jewish Calendar Tool
Lets you generate a list of Jewish holidays for any year. Candle lighting times are calculated from your latitude and longitude (which can be determined by your zip code or closest city).

Moon Phases Tool
This “Current Moon” module provides basic information on the current moon phase. It is intended to be a helpful general reference.

Lederer/Messianic Jewish Communications
Our mission is two-pronged: Reaching out to Jewish people with the message of Messiah and teaching our non-Jewish spiritual family about their Jewish roots. We accomplish these goals through our various divisions. We are the only full-fledged Messianic Jewish publishing house. We publish the best Messianic books and help authors get their books in print.

Ascension Ministries/WhiteStone Press
Norm Franz is a Christian author, international Bible teacher and respected biblical futurist. As a former monetary economist and investment company president, Norm is a recognized authority on the problems facing the world’s financial system. Norm is an ordained minister with a Masters of Practical Ministry and director of Ascension Ministries Foundation.


Learn to Read Hebrew: The Alefbet

Anyone who wants to read Hebrew! You’ll learn very quickly, using silly pictures to remember the letters! You might pick up a few actual words of Hebrew, but the main thing is reading.

Mechon Mamre

Here you will find the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) and the RaMBaM’s Complete Restatement of the Oral Law (Mishneh Torah):  Together these give God’s full guidance for both Jews and Gentiles in all times and places detailing what God expects us to do and not do.  Through the study and observance of these two guides to Torah (God’s instructions) we can all live richly rewarding lives and avoid painful errors.