Why would you choose VOB as your congregation?



Hi, I’m Richard Geiger, Rabbi/Pastor of Valley of Blessing Messianic Congregation. I
would like to share what lies at the heart of this Messianic Congregation here in
Greensboro, NC. Having come from a Christian ministry in churches, I have found that
there are a lot of different issues out there. My wife Donna and I have found that the path
that we have been on is important, fulfilling, and exciting. Are you looking for something
more than what you have experienced so far in your life? Are you looking for a safe place
for you and your family? I invite you to get to know us. We believe that you will truly find
a safe place here at Valley of Blessing. Let me share a few thoughts from my heart.
You have a safe place here from “every wind of doctrine”, especially in the Messianic
movement. The 15 foundational doctrines, found on the website, lay a foundation for what
we believe. We also provide an expanded doctrinal statement, found in our Bylaws. Both
of these statements of faith provide a safe place for you and your family.
You have a shepherding place here. Teachers today are a dime a dozen but shepherds
are a rare breed. The shepherding team here at VOB is led by Rabbi/Pastor Richard Geiger,
who has a Master of Arts in Biblical counseling, and over 30 years experience pasturing
congregations, including over 14 years serving as Adjunct Chaplin in the Moses Cone
Hospital system.
You have a community here. We at VOB strive to be a community of believers with
meaningful relationships for everyone in the family. This may well be the hidden gem you
will find here. Following our service on Shabbat, we eat and fellowship together. We
celebrate Rosh Chodesh (the beginning of the lunar month) each month by bringing food
that we share together. We will often celebrate festivals or Rosh Chodesh in different
homes. We do the best that we can to provide meaningful fellowship for everyone in the
You have a ministry place here. The health of our bodies follows principles like energy
in = energy out. Here at VOB, we encourage everyone to become members and be
involved in ministry. Here it is called input = output. Input is finding one or more ministries
other than the Shabbat morning service where you are there primarily to receive. Output
is a place of responsibility, somewhere you give back. You lead, you coordinate, you teach,
you visit, you help. The community is counting on you. If you don’t show up, something
doesn’t get done. Everyone needs a balance, at least one place of input and one place of
output. You become a part of a friendly, loving, caring community.
You have a balanced place to learn about your Hebraic roots. There is so much triviality
in the Messianic movement at this time. There is a wide range of messianic congregations,
some very Jewish in their appearance and some like churches with a thin veneer of Judaism
or Hebraic appearance. Some truly run after the trivia while others are into heresy and
unsound theological error. There are some who seek to find a Biblical path to walk. We at
VOB seek to follow a Biblical lifestyle, patterned after Yeshua, a Biblical calendar, and a
Biblical diet. Having laid a Biblical foundation, we are able to pursue our Hebraic roots in
safety and grow in the knowledge of the God Whom we serve.
You have a place here at VOB where you and your family are encouraged to develop and
have an intimate relationship with the God Whom we serve. You are loved by your Creator
and your Redeemer. Come to a place where your growing walk and love for God lies at the
core of who we are.
If you believe this might be a good place for you and your family, please read about our
services and what to expect when you come. Then come. We are truly waiting to meet