Meeting in Greensboro, NC, we are a Messianic congregation that celebrates the festivals of Adonai, teaches the Torah as the foundation of the progressive revelation and whole counsel of God, and seeks to imitate the life of our Messiah as found in the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament).


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  • Hebrew class schedule: Classes last 1½ hours.Order your book now to have it ready when your class begins.Shabbat, September 12:      2:45 pm – Hebrew 3 beginsSunday, September 13:    10:00 am – Hebrew 2 begins      1:30 pm – Hebrew 1 begins

    Tuesday, September 15:

          6:30 pm – Hebrew 4 begins

    Thursday, September 17:

        10:00 am – Hebrew 5 begins

  • The VOB Festivals, New Moons, & Special Service Schedule Calendar year 2015 is now available in list form. Calendar
  • If you were not able to attend this years Passover celebration you may view the full video here.  Passover 2015
  • If you were not able to attend the VOB family retreat last year at Higher Ground Christian Retreat, pastor Richard did an excellent teaching series on the subject of prayer which is now available for you to enjoy.   AUDIO